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Just wanted to say a huge “thank you” for the fit and wellness advice I’ve got from you. Was very impressed at how quickly my well-being has improved. Thank you again!


Only stumbled upon this site because I was very desperate to engage in active lifestyle. Oh God I am very thankful!


Over the moon with the realistic and easy-to-follow tips of this site. Exercise has never been easy! Thanks a lot


My friend Bob referred me to this site and boy I am glad! Not only did my life became healthy, my sex life has improved as well. It only means it’s not just me that’s satisfied but by husband as well. Providing content with this field (active and healthy lifestyle) may be common, but I will still choose this blog over the others because the activities are easy to follow, and the advices are very realistic.


We are so happy we stumbled upon this site because it’s not like the other sports and lifestyle blog where they just give you tips without considering if it can realistically be followed. Huge thanks to the owner and founder of this blog.