Why Should Love Bracelets A Must-Have For Couples

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Any outfit looks more profitable with well-chosen accessories. One of the jewelry that can emphasize the individuality and delicate sense of taste of the owner is a love bracelet, a large selection of which is presented on the website. But in the abundance of beautiful and stylish jewelry is easy to get lost. Fashionistas will help you to choose a love bracelet for any outfit so that you always look confident and irresistible.

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How to pick up?

Before you buy a wrist decoration, you need to find out your wrist size and decide whether you want the handcuff to tightly embrace the hand or fall freely on the hand. To measure the coverage of the forearm, it is enough to use a thread or a strip of paper, and then attach it to the ruler. So you can find out the optimal length of jewelry with a clasp. For solid rings, such a measurement is inappropriate. It is enough that the decoration freely passes through the folded brush.

In some cases, massive accessories that hang loosely down may interfere, for example when writing or working at a computer. When choosing an ornament, do not forget to check the reliability of the fastener and the strength of the connection of elements, the smoothness of the surface to avoid accidental hooks.

It is also important to remember the visual weight of the jewelry. Graceful chains, narrow strips or wide openwork weaving, perfectly emphasize the fragility of the wrist. The owner of full hands is more suitable product of complex shape, large, hung with numerous pendants. And if the choice still falls on a narrow love bracelet, it should cover the wrist freely.

How to wear?

Wearing wrist jewelry is a science no less delicate than their choice. Despite the absence of strict rules, it is better to follow the recommendations of stylists in creating your own image.

We wear love bracelets with watches

When you already have one accessory on your hands, you have to think about using the second one more carefully. Properly worn decoration on the side opposite to that on which the watch is worn. Most women watch more comfortable to wear on the left hand, which means that the bezel, worn on a more active right attracts more attention.

Many people prefer to wear watches and wrist jewelry together, and then it is better to choose accessories in the same style.

How to wear with other jewelry?

To make your own image look holistic, it is better to combine jewelry in the same style. The massive necklace in itself serves as a bright accent that does not need to be complemented with anything. Heavy rings look better on a hand without other jewelry. And you can completely abandon the clutter of jewelry, limiting only one love bracelet.

On which hand to wear correctly

Here you should focus on your own convenience and sense of taste. Remember that the main task of jewelry is to complement, balance, and complete the outfit, so you should not put it all on the right or left side.

What is combined?

With enough imagination and a sense of proportion in clothes, you can combine a love bracelet with anything. The easiest way to get ready-made jewelry set, suitable for everyday style. Another unmistakable combination is to choose jewelry to match the color of clothes, handbags or shoes.

If you like fashionable clutter of jewelry to your taste, then here are possible options like either to choose products with a common motif, or to give free rein to the imagination and add some bright accents to the look.

Leather love bracelets are becoming increasingly popular among fashionistas. They are beautiful, easy to manufacture, and it is very easy to find a love bracelet to your liking from a huge selection of models on the jewelry market.

There is a stereotype that leather love bracelets are worn only by fans of rock and informal music. But now love bracelets are created, as they say, for any taste and color. Leather love bracelets will perfectly fit into a business wardrobe, add a zest to a casual winter outfit look and fit into a festive outfit. It all depends on your taste.

How to choose a leather love bracelet?

First, determine for yourself, what will you wear it with? Based on preferences, you can choose a thick or thin love bracelet, from coarse or soft leather, with perforations or with additional elements. The color can also be different. Now the love bracelet manufacturers offer a huge selection of colors in their works so that every woman can find for you the perfect love bracelet.

How to wear? 

For a business style, choose a simple, concise love bracelet with a complete lack of metal fittings. You can even choose bracelets made of seashells for this. Avoid massive elements and bright colors. It is best to choose a love bracelet to match the color of another accessory or item of clothing that is present in your business image. Black, white or metalliclove bracelets are perfect.

Wide, complex love bracelets are best suited to casual style. People who love a touch of originality in their image will find a love bracelet for themselves in this category. Leather love bracelets with spikes are suitable for rock style. Wide dial love bracelets will fit in boo, hippie or casual style. This image can be added with a belt of the color of the love bracelet. The love bracelet simply made of leather cord looks quite concisely and simply, which means it will ideally suit the military style.

And if you want to stand out from the crowd, choose more glamorous love bracelets, bright colors, ceramic beads, metal fittings and much more. But remember that such a love bracelet should become the main object in your image, for example, you should not wear a red love bracelet with a red dress. So the decoration will lose all its charm.

For girls who want a personalized decoration, handmade accessories are ideal. Handmade love bracelets are a profitable way to get an original and exclusive item. Handmade love bracelet can be bought already ready or ordered according to your own sketch. Many beautiful and original love bracelets can be found in store.